I used to be able to edit on Miso, but now I can't anymore!

We've always been incredibly proud of our users' commitment to the accuracy and betterment to the Miso community. It is in the spirit of this commitment that we are attempting to take a huge step in the way we enjoy and socialize around TV. Part of this effort requires us to sync most series with data from theTVDB.com. 

However, any changes that you want to make to these locked shows, you can still do directly at theTVDB.com, which is a user contributed site. Every 4 hours Miso will pull automatically down new additions and updates through theTVDB.com API and the changes will be reflected immediately on our website.

If you see any extra episodes that don't belong (which were likely added before we locked the series) please email support@gomiso.com and we'll be happy to delete them for you. 

Thanks for your patience while we work on this!

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