Miso won't stay connected or post to Facebook

Due to a recent Facebook change, check-ins can only be posted to your timeline if there is a comment on them. 

If you're still having trouble posting to your Facebook timeline or if you constantly have to reconnect to Facebook on your Miso account, please try disconnecting and reconnecting using the following instructions:

  1. Go to Facebook, click the drop-down arrow on the top right, then click Account Settings. 
  2. Select "apps" from the menu on the left, find Miso, and then press the "x" on the far right to delete it. Be sure to not change any settings through this process.
  3. Reauthorize Miso to post to your Facebook, which can be done by connecting to FB from any Miso page. 
If you're still experiencing problems, please e-mail support@gomiso.com and be sure to include as much detail as possible to help us troubleshoot your problem. 

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